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JBIS SECURITIES Is one of top Successful and leading Proprietary trading firm in India. We manly focus in Indian Stocks Market, Derivate markets and Government Bonds,headquartered in Mumbai.

JBIS Trading Academy simplified trading and helping aspirants to look on to the wide spectrum that this business is suitable for everyone. We provide the inspiration for students to be achievers, and to be able to apply learned knowledge in a real-world environment, understanding the fundamental and practical aspects of trading.

At JBIS- Our purpose is to make a difference. This is what inspires us, what gets us out of bed in the morning and what provides the focus that energizes and drives our people and our business forward. It is the soul of our firm and what shapes our culture. We firmly believe that the work we do on behalf of our aspirants, changes lives for the better. When done well, real financial planning can enhance and enrich the life experiences of the families we work with. We hold a privileged position within the lives of our aspirants and we are fiercely passionate in protecting their interests.

We start with the basics of finance. Each and every module is designed in a way that a person from any educational/ age background can understand it. We ensure you make the most of your learning experience and we could help out anyone with zero knowledge about the markets and to transform into a professional profitable trader here after. We help you quench your thirst for knowledge by providing you with our specially tailored certifications. Our highly qualified instructors, dedicated staff, and 24/7 available helpline are the main reasons why we're the go-to training provider for you.

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Our Mission

Since its creation, JBIS Trading Academy has been on a mission to enable learners to reach their personal goals. We provide specific and dedicated education on Indian stock market tradingrelated, and our flexible learning solutions connect our students globally. This is how we make a positive difference to student aspirations.

Our Vision

At JBIS Trading Academy, we believe in educating all of our aspirants about the market and letting them know all there is to know about trading and financial affairs. Through education and awareness, we assist them in spotting opportunities, seizing them, and achieving their financial return goals through stock market.

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